Digital Transformation

We understand that traveling a long distance requires a transformation partner. Intellogi helps businesses with their digital transformation needs in order to improve operations, drive innovation and growth, and more effectively engage with their customers. The digital transformation services provided by Intellogi are built on three pillars:

·        IntelligentCloud - By leveragingMicrosoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), andother public clouds, we can help reduce costs while ensuring security, privacy, compliance, and performance at scale.

·        CustomerEngagement - Usingdata-driven insights, we can help you create personalized customer experiencesthat increase acquisition, conversion rates, revenue per customer/user, andcustomer/user lifetime value.

·        Operational Excellence - We can achieve operational excellence by utilizing our automation and AIOps platform 'IntelliBot.’

Meet the experts

Naga Deepthi Nandigum
Practice Director
Tarun Aellaboina
Business & Growth

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