How HACKMANIA Leveraged Global Talent & Reduced their Time to Market

Hackmania is an innovative platform that disrupts the hackathon space by providing a unique, hands-on experience. They help clients innovate and build solutions to real-world problems using their unique online platform.

Hackmania experienced a significant increase in demand for its outcome-based codefest product. Their client base was growing rapidly and the demand for hackathons across the globe to solve for individualized IT innovation was multiplying. To meet the needs of its burgeoning client base, Hackamnia needed to find creative and collaborative IT talent quickly and at an economical rate. However, this proved to be a challenge, and as a result, their clients saw slow deliveries.
To solve for this, Hackmania chose to implement Intellogi's BOT 2.0 model. This allowed them access to some of the best minds in the technology industry in India to solve complex problems for their clients across the world.

Maximised productivity with a diverse workforce 

Implementing the Build-Operate-Transfer 2.0 model allowed Hackmania to maximize their efforts and ensure their clients were seeing increased success in their IT refinement efforts.

Significantly reduced time to market

The specialized expertise, wealth of knowledge and diverse backgrounds of the Indian talent pool created cost-efficient operations and allowed for flexibility to add more resources within 48 hours. This helped Hackmania deliver new products seamlessly, proficiently and at a much faster rate

"I was unaware of the vast talent pool available in India. Intellogi's BOT 2.0 model helped us unlock the potential of some great minds and ensured that our issues with lag in deliverables were taken care of. The integration of its BOT 2.0 culture into our organization allowed us to invest zero CAPEX but still see a 45% reduction in OPEX! We’re thrilled with our India talent pool and the lightening paced results."

Rajat Shahi - Hackmania

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