Global Talent Acquisition Made Easy: How Intellogi Helped LABS196 Accelerate Their Startups

LABS196 aims to assist startups with the potential to become unicorns by preparing them for investment and helping them launch their projects to new heights of success. 

At the onset of their journey, LABS196 faced a significant challenge in finding skilled global talent at a competitive budget for their funded startups. This issue was especially pronounced in the areas of technology and engineering, where the demand for specialized skills was high. The accelerator had to put in a lot of effort and resources to find the right resources while trying to stay within the budget they had allocated for each startup. This not only added extra pressure on the accelerator but also caused delays in the startups' development.
In order to support Labs196, we kickstarted our Build Operate Transfer (BOT 2.0) services and ensured a 48hour turnaround to shortlist and share applicants with relevant skills for each individualized potential unicorn. Intellogi took full responsibility for sourcing, pre-screening and connecting talent to Labs196 and their startup cohort for further evaluation.

Optimizing the Accelerator

The BOT 2.0 model helped "LABS196" find the right talent at a competitive budget while creating a flexible and efficient way for their startups to find the skilled global talent they needed. 

Fostering an environment of growth

The BOT 2.0 model allows LABS196 to redirect their focus to other crucial aspects of their business and leave the recruitment and on ground management of their global teams to us!

"At LABS 196, we used Intellogi's advanced Build-Operate-Transfer 2.0 model to ensure that all our associated startups were benefiting from an all-inclusive launchpad to success. Thanks to Intellogi, we were able to establish essential infrastructure and find the right talent for our startups. The outcome was remarkable, allowing us to acquire the right talent at a much lower cost. Intellogi has played a vital role in the success of the startups under LABS196."

Jay Patel - Labs196

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