Accelerating Growth: How Intellogi's BOT 2.0 Model Transformed SHS Consultores' Talent Acquisition Strategy

SHS Consultores, a company known for its strong presence in electronics and computing, provides both custom system design and hardware value-added services.

SHS Consultores struggled with recruiting the right talent to supplement their product vision of building complex algorithmic and systematic solutions in a timely manner. The inability to find resources with such niche expertise resulted in delays in business operations and successful scaling.
To guarantee that SHS Consultores was set up for success, Intellogi ensured that all the relevant skills and prowess required by the team were clearly defined. The BOT 2.0 model not only enabled the rapid identification and shortlisting of specialised talent within 48 hours through the use of advanced recruitment techniques and thorough analysis of the company's needs, but also helped train the talent team in Spanish to ensure streamlined collaboration.

Optimizing Talent Acquisition

The BOT 2.0 model implemented by Intellogi allowed SHS Consultores to hire the right talent effectively and efficiently, leading to an increase in productivity and growth.

Unleashing Business Potential

This solution enabled SHS Consultores to focus on their core business activities while leaving the management and operation of the hiring process to Intellogi.

"We faced challenges in finding the right domain experts to help us achieve our goals. That's where Intellogi's Build, Operate, Transfer 2.0 model came in - it helped us gain access to a wider range of diverse and creative expertise. We are grateful for the partnership and highly recommend their services."

Jose' Javier Lozano San Martin - SHS Consultores

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