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At Intellogi, we're on a journey to redefine the offshoring process and double down on what really matters - sustainable growth for our client base. India is the top choice for Global tech owing to our vast talent pool, adaptability and perseverance. We aim to showcase these facets and help connect some of our countries best talent with growing brands, fostering an environment of mutual trust and everlasting success. Our endeavour is to democratise the IT space and ensure top talent is made available to brands globally without the hindrance of borders. Early on, we realised that the traditional ODC method was synonymous with risk, large investments and a lack of control on the clients end. To offset this, we build our ODC's using the risk averse Build-Operate-Transfer 2.0 model which ensures our clients interests are safeguarded from the get go.

We pride ourselves on being your trusted ODC partner and are focused on supporting our clients with high-quality, innovative services that continually push the barriers of the technology space. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are dedicated to implementing unparalleled results with quick turnarounds. We work tirelessly to achieve results that help our clients grow and succeed by continually learning, adapting and customising our approach.

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“At Intellogi, we live by two fundamental principles; reliability & creativity. We're here to fuel your rocket ship!”
Tarun Aellaboina
Founder & Director of Business & Growth

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